Koh Phangan Airport

Koh Phangan airport
For years one of the favorite topics of those living on Koh Phangan has been whether or not they will build an airport. For the skeptics the lack of available flat land and the perceived reluctance of the locals were strong indicators that it would never happen. For those in the opposing camp an airport on Koh Phangan seemed an obvious progression for the island: tourism is booming like never before and places like Thong Nai Pan Noi are attracting high-end customers who are prepared to pay for the convenience of flying to the island.

The argument is now over. They are building an airport in Koh Phangan. At first it seemed it was going to be located on the east coast between Than Sadet and Thong Nai Pan. There was considerable land clearance in the area, but that has now stopped. The reason has not been given. It must be assumed that the initial site was found to be unsuitable. Now the workers have moved to an area near Chaloklum village.

It is going to be Kan Airways that are going to run flights to Koh Phangan. Few other details are available. There are posters around the island in Thai that announce the construction of an airport in Koh Phangan. They thank some official and give no other information. The authorities on the island have not seen the need for further comment. This is partly the way things are done in Thailand. Construction goes ahead, and only when it is fait accompli do the facts come out: consultations about changes are not openly invited.

We can only guess to the details, but it looks like the Chaloklum site will allow a long enough runway to accommodate aircraft that can make it all the way from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. A short runway would mean the inconvenience of transfers in Suratthani.

Kan Airways is traditionally a low cost carrier, however demand and limited places will no doubt drive the prices up. That said, the current option of flying to Koh Samui is overpriced thanks to the monopoly that Bangkok Airways have. Moreover, the convenience of not having to catch a boat to Koh Phangan will be worth paying for. It is time consuming and sometimes the boats pitch up and down and cause motion sickness. That is particularly true of the Lomprayah catamarans which bounce over the waves.

We can only speculate when Koh Phangan airport will be finished. Obviously before the peak season around Christmas and New Year 2012 would make commercial sense.

For Koh Samui the writing is on the wall. Hotels are already running at 40% capacity. Koh Phangan airport is no doubt going to draw further business away from the island – which many see as justly deserved for the sin of over-development.

Interesting times are ahead for the population of Koh Phangan.

For updates on Koh Phangan airport visit www.kohphanganairport.com


  1. jimcogan says:

    Where near Chaloklam?! Can’t imagine any place near there flat enough for a long runway!

  2. Duwe says:

    To get at the pearl, you first have to KILL the oyster, this is a grand mistake, and will bring about the ‘Ko Samuisation’ of fair KPN, the full moon and weekly parties were bad enough, but this is the coffin lid nail….sad to see the last ‘paradise’ finally becoming another Spanish Costa style ruination, degradation, and utter despoilment….this is a sad day, and will be the end of Beautiful KPN…oh, by the way, isn’t the WHOLE ISLAND supposed to be a national park..oh yes it is ….right!

  3. Stephen says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Within 5 years Koh Phangan will be another Samui, fat old westerners fighting for a spot on the beach. I guess money has won again. Bye bye Koh Phangan, you were a magical island. RIP

  4. Philipp says:

    This makes me really sad. ;-(Isn’t it just unbelievable how fast things are changing? It was such an amazing great place just a couple of years ago… So thankful that I experienced this special place a lot of beautiful months… and so sad I never will again :-/

  5. Thomas says:

    I know now more or less where i can think that place will be, Did talk of this in both i also talk about it in 2008 we said nah man aint gonna happen never cheers, then again 2009 same spot at KHP dude did you get this they plan a air port ! nah man they cant where the fuc are they gonna put it mate ? eh . back again 2010 hey thomas they do talk of it know but may be in 5 years or so maybe and now look at it airport on the way to Chaloklam wow that earea is so nice what of kah ra? and dont forget the bloody oil drilling they oush at the north side of khp and around kho tao, this is now soon the place i cant go back to stay loong time eny more. last trip i do this winter so i guess this will be good bye for me also to the jem:-(

    • admin says:

      Hello Thomas,
      Yes, things are really changing this time. As a correction. It looks like the airport will be near Thong Nai Pan.
      However, I don’t think the island is necessarily ruined. I don’t think it will be anything like Koh Samui in the future.

      • Thomas says:

        Sorry was wrong on place of the build my mate had not given me right info hens it was for the oil rigs that he thought i meant at the gulf. But its not a good thing imo Too put a Airport at that locasion or on that island for that matter, Futher more i have to agre as you say the island are changing alot the last few years. Been getting info from a mate that run a gym and yes not like before, That we can see on the strip out of Thong sala town down towards ban tai not to forget the food station on the way left side all the girl bars. Been getting more of them on the road to wards haadrin. But that said its a few places left that is old school KHP stil that is true 😉 But Air port do come that we know and aslo nice to see Kanair use mine and others comment on the web site of their company ;-). May i get a ticket know 🙂 Miss my KHP place i know your there i get back no worry`s but Airport still wrong ……..

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